A lot of factors are considered when your life insurance premium is being decided, the most important being your overall health. While most people are well aware of the fact, and are ready for it, they don’t often realize that their weight is an important part of their health and that a lot of emphasis is placed on it when buying a life insurance policy. The few extra pounds that you can’t seem to lose can weigh heavily on your insurance premiums, giving you enough motivation to get on with a fitness program.

The reason behind deciding premiums on the basis of weight is quite simple. Increasing weight can eventually lead to obesity, which is considered to be one of the major causes of several dangerous and even fatal heart conditions. The risks of hypertension, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and some types of cancer can substantially increase in obese people, also increasing the risk for insurers. Insurers see a potential for obese people to develop diseases faster than others, increasing their financial risk.

In order to hedge these risks, insurance companies offer insurance premiums to these people that are quite higher than normal premiums. Depending on how overweight you are, and keeping in mind your age and physical aspects, the rates of your premium offered by Colonial Penn Life Insurance can vary widely. It is important to understand that while your weight may not stop you from getting insurance, it can cost you much more than what you anticipated.

So, before you apply for Colonial Penn Life Insurance, think about shedding some pounds off so that you can save money on premiums while also getting healthier. Even if you already have life insurance, you can still lose weight and get your policy reviewed for lower rates. Save money and be healthy; what more could you want!