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rivateThere will always be a paradoxical facet to free anti virus software programs. The paradox is many people want the best antivirus available, but might not be willing to pay for one. Okay, that assessment might be more than a bit cynical. Some would certainly pay for a decent antivirus. They just might not have the funds to be able to do so. For those with limited budgets, some might seriously wonder whether or not all the various free programs offered as downloads really are viable.

Can these free programs really deliver on what they promise?

There are a few ways to actually look at the answer to this question. The first would way would be to point out that a high grade commercial antivirus programs will certainly be sophisticated. They likely will be very difficult for any major virus to pass. However, there are no 100% guarantees offered by ANY antivirus no matter how much it costs. You might find a free anti-virus can do just as fine of a job as a commercial one when you look at it from this perspective.

If you do select a free anti virus software program, be sure to select one that is well established in the market. Fly by night software programs generally will not keep your computer safe. If you opt for something free, be sure it is designed at the highest level of sophistication.