Men will have certain needs in their diets. Sure, the average man wants to get rid of that spare tire around his waste. The problem is many men end up taking part in diets that completely and totally undermine the real goals they have for fitness and weight loss. How is this so? Basically, they go on a crazy calorie restricted diet that does not only get rid of some fat. It also burns off much needed and wanted muscle. And note I said only SOME fat is burned off. More muscle will likely be burned up by the metabolism as fuel instead of fat. This is certainly not going to be a good thing for those wishing to maintain a solid looking physique. Once the muscle mass starts to go, all a man is left with is a somewhat withered physique. In some cases, the remaining fat stores end up being very pronounced. Not all that many men will want to walk around with a physique that looks like that!

The best diets for men will be ones that help create a calorie deficit while also ensuring muscle mass is maintained.  Diets made up of healthy food and a decent amount of protein can help with such goals.